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Alchemy Museum

About the Museum

The first Alchemy Museum in the United States is being built at Rosicrucian Park in San Jose, California. When completed, it will be the largest museum of its kind in the world and have its own two-story building (See Photos of Museum). It will be located on the beautiful campus across from the world famous Egyptian Museum and next to the Alchemical Herb Garden. It will also have a fully equipped Alchemy Laboratory and auditorium for classes in practical and spiritual alchemy. The purpose of this museum is to introduce guests to the important role that alchemy plays in the Rosicrucian tradition and to share some of its basic elements, including the history of alchemy, its influence on the sciences, and how its methods are applied in mystical teachings and spiritual transformation. The Project Curator and Designer for the museum is Dennis William Hauck.  

Alchemy Museum Preview Exhibit

EntranceOpening ceremonies for the Alchemy Exhibit on the Rosicrucian campus in San Jose, California, were held over the Summer Solstice weekend June 20-22, 2015. Over 200 people participated in the 2-hour ceremony and tour, as well as other activities including a tour of the grounds and a 6-hour workshop on the operations of alchemy.

The exhibit is part of the new Alchemy Museum to be housed in the former Rose-Croix University building on campus. The two-story building has 15 rooms, including a lecture hall, 12-station laboratory, herb dispensary, bookstore, and reception area. It will be the largest museum of its kind when completed. The Alchemy Museum is adjacent to the Rosicrucian Research Library and near the world-renowned Egyptian Museum and the Astronomical Observatory.

The Alchemy Garden in front of the future Alchemy Museum features four elemental gardens representing Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each section contains corresponding elemental and planetary herbs in a raised planter formed in the shape of the appropriate alchemical symbol. At the center of the garden, embedded in the ground between the four planters, is the alchemical symbol for the mysterious Fifth Element, the Quintessence.




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How You Can Help

There are several ways you can help bring this dream into reality:

>>> Give Us Your Feedback and Suggestions!
        You can join our FACEBOOK group to provide feedback and suggestions for this exciting project! Be sure to drop by and like our Rosicrucian ALCHEMY EXHIBITS page.

>>> Make a Tax-Deductible Donation!
        Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the museum. Go to the Rosicrucian DONATIONS page and select "Alchemy Museum and Lab" on the second page in the "Contribute to" drop down menu.

>>> Donate Exhibit Materials!
        The Museum is looking for antique glassware, bottles, utensils, lab equipment, furniture, books, artwork, and other materials. We also need exhibit display items such as flat-screen displays, audio equipment, and lighting. Materials are tax-deductible for the value of the donation. For more information, visit our EXHIBITS page.


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